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Scottish Diaspora Tapestry@ Verdant Works

27th May to 12th September

The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry is coming to Dundee for the very first time after a worldwide tour. Bringing together artists and communities from 34 countries across the globe, the tapestry explores the vast connections Scots have with the rest of the world.

The tapestry is so huge that it will be shown in two parts. The first will focus on Europe, The Baltics and the Americas and will be open to the public between May 28th and July 20th. Part two will focus on South Asia, Australasia, Africa and the UK and will run between July 22nd and September 12th.

Scots have migrated all over the world for centuries and have often had a profound effect on the areas where they settled. The Tapestry represents their amazing stories in 305 beautifully embroidered panels. Scottish artist Andrew Crummy, the legendary creative mind behind the Great Tapestry of Scotland, was also one of the designers who contributed to this project.

Set on the backdrop of Verdant Works historic High Mill, the tapestry weaves a timeless tale of the Scots abroad.

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